Comfort cultureis back and we’ve got the hoodies to prove it. The intention is to support young men constructing theiridentity.

And nowjumperseason is here – and we could not be moreexcited.

Style iscrucial! You have to look hip,sexy, dangerous and appealing, that means you have to go to the gym.

This generation has multiple kinds ofidentitiesandstylesand they master multiple ways to enter in and out of scenes.

Leopard and zebra print isbackin a big way so that means you can’t identify anyone by what they’re wearing.It’s notmilitary style anymore, It’s political style. You want to be the model penetrated by bullets.

Young men are moving away from the basic look of single colored bright shirts towards morerandomoverall patterns.

What you’re seeing atSuperdryare codes and signals that are recognizable to people in the scene but notalways to outsiders.


① Be Excited, Jumper Season is Here

② Move Your Mouse

③ Create Codes and Signals

④ Master Multiple Identities

⑤ Focus and Think Political